Sungsan-dong House

Seoul, Republic of Korea

The client wanted to build his own studio and house on a tight budget, so he bought a small land shaped a triangle. The studio is on the 1st floor and the 4th floor, and the rooms for his family like the living room and the bed room are on the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor.

The technical pillars of intervention

This house was designed by the project studio NOVA who moved a small yard in the cramped city to the rooftop and put a bench there. Also, the client can feel the sunlight and Seong-mi mountain though the gaps of the walls. The stairs, which make up a large proportion by containing functions for each floor on the small land, are the place that has various entertainments such as family boards and steel bars. The wished a finishing material that be able to block the noise from the city, and has high insulation effect. So, Sungsan-dong House was finished with cork boards with high thermal and Acoustic Insulation Decork Façade. The work was completed in 2016.

Thermal Conductivity

λ = 0,057 W/mK

Thanks to the right mix of carefully selected natural raw materials, the product achieves very high thermal insulation performance


μ = 15

Walls free to breathe. Thanks to the high permeability, the humidity of the interior is perfectly balanced, thus avoiding the formation of mould and condensation.

Crack Bridging Ability

2,5 mm

The cork and other natural raw materials that make up the solution ensure that the material is highly resistant, able to withstand even significant structural movements

Used products

Decork Façade

Ultra-reflective white finish based on cork and water-based resins for exterior walls capable of reflecting incident solar radiation


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